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Methylsilane (1MS), dimethylsilane (2MS), trimethylsilane (3MS),tetramethylsilane (4MS) have been used in semiconductor manufacturing as precursors for the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) of various layers, most often low dielectric constant (low-k) films. They also offer excellent barrier properties, typically used for a liner or a cap layer adjacent to other dielectric layers. These low-k layers vary in composition based on co-reactants combined with the methylsilanes and result in silicon carbide (SiC), silicon carbonitride (SiCN), and siliconoxyhydride (SiCO:H); the deposition reaction can typically be performed at relatively low temperature ranges.

  • 1MS and 2MS are utilized mostly for low volume deposition of SiC, SiCN, or SiCO:H depending on the conditions and precursors used.
  • 3MS has been used for SiC deposition or SiCO:H deposition, again depending on starting chemistries. This is a production-proven precursor, with current high volume application in semiconductor fabrication.
  • 4MS is currently used for SiC deposition on several advanced technology platforms and it is reported within several application patents.

Methyl Silanes

SKU Image Name Synonym Vapor_Pressure_3mm Boiling Point (°C / mm Hg) Melting Point (°C) Flashpoint (°C) Molecular Weight CAS
SIM6515.0 METHYLSILANE 1MS -- -57 -157° -- 46.14 --
SID4230.0 DIMETHYLSILANE 2MS -- -20 -150° -- 60.17 --
SIT8570.0 TRIMETHYLSILANE 3MS -- 6.7 -135.9° -- 74.2 --
SIT7555.0 TETRAMETHYLSILANE, 99+% 4MS -- 26.6-26.7 -99° -27 °C 88.22 --
SIT7541.0 1,1,2,2-TETRAMETHYLDISILANE 4M2S -- 86-87 -93° -26 °C 118.32 --
SIH6109.0 HEXAMETHYLDISILANE 6M2S -- 112-113 12-14° -1 °C 146.38 --
SIT7308.0 TETRAKIS(TRIMETHYLSILYL)SILANE 12M5S -- NA 267° sub.; 319-21° (sealed tube) -- 320.85 --