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Hospitals are known for their rigorous environmental hygiene and cleaning protocols. Patients, staff, and visitors rely on and trust these procedures but is there a way to make these protocols even more effective? Surfaces, especially high-touch surfaces, are breeding grounds for microbial growth which can lead to unsanitary environments even with regular cleaning and disinfection. Studies have shown that adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels on high-touch surfaces can increase exponentially, rising above the acceptable level between daily cleanings. How can we protect surfaces from this ATP surge and keep surfaces hygienically clean around the clock?

Gelest has developed a clinically proven clean surface technology, XYLEX® Protect, which creates an invisible, molecular barrier making it difficult for organic residue to adhere to the surface. It makes standard disinfectants more efficient and thorough, protecting surfaces and keeping them clean. Many hospitals have already adopted this technology into their standard cleaning protocols and have shown just how effective this clean surface technology is. It can be used on any hard surface and is extremely easy to apply. Is this a technology you can use to keep your surfaces cleaner?



To use XYLEX® Protect, start with a clean and disinfected surface. Then, apply XYLEX® Protect and let it dry. It creates an invisible, molecular barrier on the surface that works with standard disinfection protocols to protect against ATP surges. Even though we don’t see XYLEX® Protect on the surface, we can take a closer, molecular level look to see how it works. The active ingredient in XYLEX® creates a self-assembled monolayer on the surface. The monolayer makes it difficult for organic residue to stick to the surface because of its anti-adhesive effect. At the same time it eliminates crevices and creates a smooth surface that makes general disinfectants more effective when compared to unprotected surfaces.

XYLEX® Protect is easy to use and keeps surfaces clean. You apply it to a disinfected surface, let it dry, and allow it to create a molecular barrier on the surface that works with standard disinfection protocols to protect against ATP surges. The application process easily fits into current hospital cleaning protocols and provides 30-day protection by creating that smooth, anti-adhesive surface. Using XYLEX® Protect can help to improve hospital environmental hygiene by keeping surfaces clean. Clean surfaces are an essential part of a clean environment that patients and employees rely on everyday.

This product does not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease organisms.