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ExSil® 100: Gelest ExSil® 100 (molding grade) is a two-component ultra-high elongation silicone elastomer with tear resistant properties.

ExSil® 50: Gelest ExSil® 50 is a two-component high elongation silicone elastomer with mechanical properties developed for medical applications.

Gelest® PP2-TC02: Gelest® PP2-TC02 is a two-part ultra high elongation thermally conductive silicone gap filler. The extreme elongation of this product reduces mechanical as well as thermal stress, creating new fabrication and assembly options. For applications requiring adhesion, use of primers and other options allow for bonding.

Gelest® xPDMS: Gelest® xPDMS is a flexible, translucent molding and encapsulation compound with significantly higher elongation than conventional silicones. Gelest® xPDMS also has a greater amount of self-sealing compared to conventional silicone RTVs, allowing for mechanical penetration of cannulae and optical fibers as well as electroactive interconnects.

Product CodeMix RatioColor, MixedTensile Strength (MPa)Elongation (%) Durometer (A)FeatureViscosity Mixed (cSt)Specific GravityCure Time/TempPotlife (hr)
ExSil® 100 (EM2-EX100)100:1Translucent6-74,000-6,00010-15High strength12,000-14,0001.124h/80 °C24
ExSil® 50 (EM2-EX050)100:1Translucent36,0005Low durometer500-7001.064h/100 °C24
Gelest TC02 (PP2-TC02)100:1Translucent0.51,20030Thermally conductive30,0002.474h/80 °C10
Gelest xPDMS
100:1Translucent6-74,000-6,00010-15Low volitales12,000-14,0001.124h/80 °C24

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