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Gelest® xPDMS 2-Part High Elongation Reprographic Silicone Elastomer (100:1 kit) (PP2-RG09)

Gelest® xPDMS is a flexible, translucent molding and encapsulation compound with significantly higher elongation than conventional silicones. Gelest® xPDMS also has a greater amount of self-sealing compared to conventional silicone RTVs, allowing for mechanical penetration of cannulae and optical fibers as well as electroactive interconnects.

Note: The properties reported are typical values and are intended as a guide for design and not intended for use in establishing specifications.

Cured PropertiesValueUnits
Mixed ratio A:B10:1
Viscosity, uncured mix12,000-14,000cSt
Viscosity, part A12,000-14,000cSt
Viscosity, part B800-1,000cSt
Durometer10-15Shore A
Refractive index1.41
Volatiles (4h/150 °C)≤ 0.1wt %
Critical surface tension23-24mN/m
Specific gravity1.12g/mL
Tear strength40.0-42.0kN/m
Contact angle, water105-110°
Elongation at tear2,000%

Thoroughly mix Part A and Part B in a 100:1 ratio. Try to avoid introducing bubbles. For critical applications, de-air mix under vacuum for about 20 minutes. The pot-life is 24 hours at 25 °C. Avoid entrapping air during transfer and casting. Cure at 80 °C for 4 hours or at room temperature for 36 hours.