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Gelest has a successful history of developing optical, reprographic, and gel formulations. Gelest now offers new pre-formulated optical encapsulants and optical hard coating materials.

A thin film optical coating deposition on an optic imparts different behaviors. Silicone gels and elastomers as cladding/sealing materials have high optical transmission. Optical coating materials containing silicon can be modified to have refractive indices matching those of the substrate.

See specific product information in the Microfluidics technical guide.

Optical Grade Silicone Encapsulants

Mix Ratio 1:1, 2-Part Platinum Addition

Product CodeRefractive IndexTensile Strength (MPa)Elongation (%) Durometer (A)Viscosity Mixed (cSt)Specific GravityCure Time/TempPotlife (hr)
Gelest OE39
1.390.10212134,1631.132h/80 °C2
Gelest OE41 (PP2-OE41)1.41> 2140-20015-301,750-2,500--4h/80 °C18
Gelest OE42 (PP2-OE42)1.42> 1.590-15010-251,500-2,000--4h/80 °C18
Gelest OE43 (PP2-OE43)1.43> 1.575-1005-15800-1,500--4h/80 °C18
Gelest OE46 (PP2-OE46)1.460.2530-5010-201,500-2,5001.054h/80 °C18
Gelest OE46.1 (PP2-OE46.1)1.460.5565-7530-4515,0001.194h/80 °C18
Gelest OE46.2 (PP2-OE46.2)1.461-1.5200-25045-5030,0001.224h/80 °C18
Gelest OE50 (PP2-OE50)1.490.13160113,8191.074h/55 °C>4

See specific product information in the Optical Materials technical guide.

Optical Grade Silicone Hard Resin Coatings


Product CodeRefractive IndexHardnessViscosity (cSt)Flash Point (°C)Specific GravitySolids (wt %)Cure Time/Temp
Optisil® 155A1
1.55--3-5350.95101h/25 °C
Optisil® 155B2 (PP1-OS155B2)1.54-1.56120 R3-5350.95201h/25 °C
Optisil® 156A1 (PP1-OS156A1)1.56--3-5350.92101h/25 °C
Optisil® 157A1 (PP1-OS157A1)1.57--3-5350.92101h/25 °C
Optisil® 157B2 (PP1-OS157B2)1.56-1.58110 R3-5350.92201h/25 °C
Optisil® 158A1 (PP1-OS158A1)1.58--3-5350.92101h/25 °C
Optisil® 159A1 (PP1-OS159A1)1.59--3-5350.92101h/25 °C
Optisil® 164A1 (PP1-OS164A1)1.64--2-3350.95101h/25 °C