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Vertasil® Limonenyltrisiloxane TM-L01; INCI Name: Methylcyclohexenylisopropyltrisiloxane

Vertasil® TM-L01 is a naturally-derived, multifunctional hybrid fluid that offers improved solubility and sensory experience when compared to cyclosiloxanes.

Vertasil® TM-L01 offers a natural component version of caprylyltrimethicone derived from limonene. Limonene is the major component of the oil extracted from citrus rind but unlike Limonene, Vertasil® TM-L01 is not an allergen. Like Caprylyl Methicone, Vertasil® TM-L01 Limonenyltrisiloxane offers an exceptionally light, dry feel combined with excellent spreading qualities. Limonenyltrisiloxane combines the light feel, and cleansing properties of limonene with the low surface tension of silicones without the characteristic aroma of limonene. It is a distilled product with excellent color, and without any tacky residue. Vertasil® TM-L01 is an excellent vehicle for long wearing foundations and eyeshadows. It also performs well as an additive in bath and tanning oils to enhance spreadability and reduce greasiness in many oil-based formulations.

Vertasil TM-L01 properties

Refractive Index1.426
Organic CompatibilityYes
Viscosity (cSt)4-5
Flashpoint (°C)>65
Boiling Point (°C)295

Vertasil® TM-L01 Benefits:

  • Non-volatile, environmentally friendly
  • Contains a natural component
  • Improved sensory experience
  • Reduces tack and greasiness
  • Soft and silky after-feel
  • Improves spreadability
  • Fast adsorption on skin
  • Light and dry skin feel
  • Cleansing properties
  • Non-sensitizing

Vertasil® TM-L01 Applications (alternative to D5):

  • Tanning oils
  • Foundations
  • Color cosmetics
  • Men’s grooming products
  • Bath and cleaning products
  • Creams and lotions
  • Hair care products
  • Personal hygiene wipes
  • Solid sticks

Solubility of Vertasil® TM-L01

Vertasil® Limonenyltrisiloxane TM-L01 has improved solubility characteristics over cyclopentasiloxane, permitting greater compatibility with common raw materials including natural oils and waxes, hydrocarbons, esters, and sunscreens.
S = Soluble
I = Insoluble
PS = Partially Soluble

Vertasil® Limonenyltrisiloxane TM-L01Dimethicone DMS-T12 (20 cSt)
Hydrogenated PolydecaneSPS
Octyldodecyl StearateSI
Triisostearyl CitrateSI
Natural WaxesS (hot)PS
Lanolin OilSS (hot)

Cleansing Milk with Vertasil® TM-L01

The gentle cleansing properties of Vertasil® TM-L01 are due to the insertion of limonene onto an emollient silicone. This combination offers the formulator an additional benefit in bath products, cleansing products, and wipes.

INCI NameIngredient SupplierWeight %
Phase A
WaterDeionized Water--q.s.
Acrylate Copolymer----0.20
Phase B
LimonenyltrisiloxaneVertasil® Limonenyltrisiloxane TM-L01Gelest10.00
Isopropyl Myristate----5.00
Polyglyceryl-3 Oleate----2.00
Polysorbate 80----0.50
Phase C
Red 40----q.s.
Fragrance --Schülke0.50

See in Formulary.

Body Lotion with Vertasil® Limonenyltrisiloxane TM-L01

Vertasil® Limonenyltrisiloxane TM-L01 imparts light emolliency and excellent slip to a body lotion that applies easily to ease dryness and correct uneven skin tone.

INCI NameIngredient SupplierWeight %
Phase A
WaterDeionized Water--70.67
Fluorophlogopite, Titanium DioxideSpectrafex Focus Red--0.50
CarbomerUltrez 10--0.20
Butylene Glycol----4.00
Polysorbate-60Tween 60--1.00
Disodium EDTA----0.05
TromethamineTris Amino--1.00
WaterDeionized Water--3.00
Phase B
Limonenyl Trisiloxane Methylcyclohexenyl Isopropyl TrisiloxaneVertasil® Limonenyltrisiloxane TM-L01Gelest5.00
Octyldodecyl StearateCeraphyl ODS--9.00
Stearic AcidEmersol 132--2.00
Glyceryl StearateCerasynt SD--1.00
Sorbitan StearateSpan 60--1.00
DMDM HydantoinGlydant--0.18
WaterDeionized Water--1.00

See in Formulary.