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Emulsions of reactive silicones are playing an increasing role in formulation technology for water-borne systems. Primary applications for silicone emulsions are in textile finishes, release coatings, and automotive polishes. Silanol fluids are stable under neutral conditions and have non-ionic emulsifiers. Aminoalkylalkoxysiloxanes are offered with cationic emulsifiers.

Reactive Silicone Emulsions, TSCA

Product CodeSilicone ClassBase Fluid Viscosity (cSt)Wt% SolidsEmulsion Type
emulsifier content: 3-6%
*0.45mEq/g combined primary and secondary amine

Water-borne silsesquioxane oligomers act as primers for metals, additives for acrylic latex sealants and as coupling agents for siliceous surfaces. (Arkles, B. in “Silanes & Other Coupling Agents”, Mittal, K. L. Ed. 1992, p91, Utrecht.)  They offer both organic group and silanol functionality. These amphoteric materials are stable in water solutions and, unlike conventional coupling agents, have very low VOCs.

Water-borne Silsesquioxane Oligomers, TSCA

Product CodeGroupFunctional Mole %Molecular WeightWeight % in SolutionDensityViscosity (cSt)pHCAS
WSAV-6511aminopropyl, vinyl60-65250-50015-201.113-1010-11[207308-27-8]
WSAF-1511aminopropyl, fluoroalkyl15-20--15-201.061-53-5--