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Mercapto-functional siloxanes strongly adsorb onto fibers and metal surfaces. High performance toner fluids for reprographic applications are formulated from mercapto-fluids. As components in automotive polishes they are effective rust inhibitors. They act as internal mold release agents for rubber and semi-permanent lubricants for automotive weather stripping. Mercapto-fluids are valuable additives in cosmetic and hair care products. They also undergo radical initiated (including UV) addition to unsaturated resins. Homopolymers are used as crosslinkers for vinylsiloxanes in rapid UV cure fiber optic coatings1 and soft lithography stamps.2

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Mercaptopropyl-Terminated Polydimethylsiloxane, CAS: [308072-58-4]

Product CodeViscosity (cSt)Molecular WeightRefractive IndexDensity

(Mercaptopropyl)methylsiloxane-Dimethylsiloxane Copolymers, CAS: [102783-03-9], TSCA

Product CodeViscosity (cSt)Molecular WeightMole % (Mercaptopropyl) MethylsiloxaneRefractive IndexDensity
*homopolymer, contains cyclics