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Polymeric C8 Silane (AS)-Treated Pigments; INCI name: Polycaprylylsilsesquioxane

AS-treated pigments and fillers are coated with an alkyl-functional silsesquioxane which provides a hydrophobic coating that increases the ease of particle dispersion in natural and synthetic fluids and helps to stabilize particles in emulsion systems. The AS treatment is polymer based to allow for registration as a polymeric material.

AS Treatment Benefits:

  • Polymeric C8 (Caprylyl) treatment
  • Globally approved
  • Hydrophobic
  • Improves wear on skin
  • Decreases oil absorption

Recommended Uses:

  • BB creams
  • Foundations
  • Pressed powders
  • Hot pours

Made to order!

Chromium Oxide Green*

Ultramarine Blue*

Manganese Violet*

Ultramarine Pink*

Ultramarine Violet*

* For pigments not linked to product pages, please contact Personal Care team for information or for custom treatments.


  • Red iron oxide
  • Yellow iron oxide YIA-ASA
  • Black iron oxide BIA-ASA
  • Titanium dioxide WIA-ASA
  • Sericite (mica) SAA-ASA
  • Talc TA7-ASA
  • Chromium oxide green
  • Ultramarine blue
  • Manganese violet
  • Ultramarine pink
  • Ultramarine violet

Soft Frost Eyeshadow with AS Pigments

Polycaprylylsilsesquioxane (AS)-treated pigments help to improve color development, transfer resistance, and wear time in color cosmetic formulations.

INCI NameIngredientSupplierWeight %
Talc (&) TriethoxycaprylylsilaneTalc ASGelest53.30
Mica (&) TriethoxycaprylylsilaneSericite (Mica) ASGelest10.00
Ultramarines (&) TriethoxycaprylylsilaneUltramarine Blue ASGelest4.00
Iron Oxides (&) TriethoxycaprylylsilaneYellow Iron Oxide ASGelest3.00
Iron Oxides (&) TriethoxycaprylylsilaneBlack Iron Oxide ASGelest2.00
Zinc StearateZinc Stearate 921-GBrenntag3.00
Nylon-12Orgasol® 2002D Nat CosVantage Specialty3.00
Benzoic Acid----0.20
Alumina (&) Titanium Dioxide (&) StearyltriethoxysilaneSpectraflex® Gold, SS-treatedSun Chemical20.00
PolydiethylsiloxaneSiBrid® Diethicone DE-23Gelest0.50
Octyldodecyl StearateCeraphyl® ODSAshland1.00

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